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Keona Fazoo is a sustainable stationery brand intentionally imaging women of color. 

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Here're some things we care about:


“Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and nourishing to the body.” At Keona Fazoo, we advocate for whole-self health and believe kind words are an important part of that. We exist to help women love themselves, their communities, and their world well.


Keona Fazoo aims to help our Earth and its inhabitants flourish with products that stimulate life, created in ways that are good to our planet.


We operate with integrity because we believe there's room at the table for everyone. Competition is fun sometimes, but community is better.


We believe in living with open hands because there is enough. We plan to donate a portion of all profits to organizations that improve life for women and children around the world.

Keona Fazoo was made possible by a Kickstarter campaign, backed by over 60 generous donors, including:

Ben Chea

Rebecca Lim

Bernice G.

Dahae Yau

Rachel Ngu

LaNae Wade

Tim Reichmann

Donnalie & Jerome

Victoria Blue

Adriana Rios

Ashley Israel

Kainoa Cambra

Melody Kim

Linda de la Fonteijne

Ines Israel

Krizia Lopez

Ashley Winchell

Ashley D.

Sue Freeman

Khadine Singh

Tiffany Firebaugh

Tiffany Johnson

Kendra Lester

Sara Joo Van Dyke

Abi Benke

Steph Auman Productions, LLC.

Matt & Meghin Rooney

Ray Givens


Rakhi Agrawal

Danielle B.

Darla Henry


Godmom Carolyn & Uncle Thomas


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